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Linda Rydholm

Federal Conservative Candidate

"I believe in Andrew Scheer's strong, positive vision for Canada. It's time to put our country back on track."

Vote Linda Rydholm For A Conservative Majority

Linda's Response to Bill C-75, Vote Linda

It's Time For Positive Change

It's Time For You To Get Ahead

Decision To Run

When Linda received a phone call in January 2019, asking her to be a candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) in the Federal Election, her initial response was “maybe”.  She had bought a ski membership and was making more travel plans - settling into retirement mode.  Should she take on this new venture?  She had the time, energy and ability, but what was the right decision?

Through Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) meetings in Ottawa, she was familiar with all of the party leaders.  Having watched Andrew Scheer as Speaker in the House of Commons for 4 years, she thought that he would make the best Prime Minister.  Andrew chaired the meetings with knowledge and respect, so he would be good to work with. Note: her opinion was formed well before the SNC Lavalin scandal went public!

With study, Linda learned that there is much to like about the current Federal Conservative approach:

  • the determination to help people get ahead, not just “get by” in life
  • the fact that Conservative Policy is determined by the MEMBERS, unlike the other parties
  • the provision for Conservative MP’s to have Free Votes (without party penalty of some sort) as much as possible, thus enabling Democratic Accountability to the respective ridings (more Free Votes are on record for Conservatives)

So, Linda has chosen to support the positive vision of the Andrew Scheer Federal Conservative Team.  She has made the commitment to work hard as the next Member of Parliament for Thunder Bay Rainy River.  “Blue” is the best option for 2019 and it will be important to have  Conservative representation for the next 4 years.  Vote Linda!


Linda Rydholm needs volunteers! She needs help with Canvassing, Office Support, Flyer Distribution, Fundraising Activities, and more!

Students! Did you know that the Thunder Bay - Rainy River Conservative Association can provide you with volunteer hours! If you want to get involved, please fill out the below form and send it to the volunteer coordinator's email address at the bottom of the form.

The form may be filled out directly on the Associations website or by downloading this Volunteer Information Sheet.

Linda Rydholm Campaign Team
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